• Reviewed by: frankjr  on: 2018/3/8 19:16:08
    Hrm, there's this section of the website that they actually let you post honest reviews on, that's hilarious. I was going to get food on here but they called me and told me the minimum order is $15 and I'd have to order something else, even though I live less than a mile away and was going to give a generous tip. I told them to go fuck themselves.
  • Reviewed by: Adrien.shields  on: 2016-08-30T17:41:28
    Save your money! Order somewhere else! Nasty slimy mess!!!! Ordered food at 526pm got delivered 1 hour later called and complained about slimy disgusting broc and beef, she wants to tell me she will credit my next order! I didn't want a credit on the next order and I sure didn't want more food! I wanted it taken off my bill!!! What makes you think I will ever order from there again or eat the food you just brought out! The replacement just got delivered at 8:38pm! Wanna blame it on the driver! No I don't think so! Never again!
  • Reviewed by: Ayeager81  on: 2016-06-30T19:30:05
    Ordered delivery. After over 2 hrs of waiting still no food. Called 3 times and they said driver already delivered. He was never here and we still have no food. The lady on the phone was rude, yelling at me and irritated because I could not understand what she was saying. Still no food and noting was resolved. I'm hoping my credit card isn't charged.
  • Reviewed by: paxton  on: 2016-04-30T10:55:21
    This site states, "staff in Chopstick Restaurant will greet you with the warmest welcome"...What a load! I walk in and the kid just stares at me, without comment. I give the order, he asks if there is anything else, gives me my change and walks away.One of their drivers said they owners and staff hate Americans, I have no doubt.The food will do in a pinch, but has gone down hill over the years with the various owners.
  • Reviewed by: Snowbunny41447  on: 2016-01-25T16:03:01
    Great food! Steaming hot! Friendly driver! I will order from here again
  • Reviewed by: junwang4502  on: 2015-11-28T19:40:44
    how are you!we make the chopsticks and others.please kindly contact with us!thanks
  • Reviewed by: sonasort.amy  on: 2015-03-05T17:39:51
    We were regular customers. Always loved the food, prices and such speedy delivery....at first. The past few times our meals have taken 1.5 hrs to get to us. The most recent took OVER two hours. When I called to ask about the status of our order the woman I spoke with said they had left ten min ago and should arrive within 20. (this was after i had waited just over an hour and a half already.) I inquired as to why it was taking this long to begin with and was replied to with this "Mam they left ten min ago." I have worked in food service before and know sometimes you can help things. But I also know that you should maybe at least apologize or offer an explanation to the customer when stuff like this happens.
  • Reviewed by: acarpe9784  on: 2014-12-22T02:18:25
    to the owners of this store: hello,and happy holidays to you. we are a regular customer,and have enjoyed many delivered dinners from your store,and the recent dinner was excellent.i paid using my credit card this time.in case I got a tainted meal,i would have proof(I usually pay cash.)about 3weeks ago I ordered the happy family(my usual)and discovered one of your employees urinated(pissed) in the dish,and covered it,and delivered it.i was disgusted and embarrassed,but didn't say anything to my wife.my mistake:not reporting it! your mistake:hiring a moron with no morals or concern for your customers,or your business! be on alert:please watch your emplyees,as i'm sure at least 2 people know this was done.if this happens to me again,i will use the public,and the courts to shut your business down.hopefully,it will never come to this.your customer,a.carpenter,702 lakemont dr.,Valrico,fl.
  • Reviewed by:   on: 2009-11-04T00:00:00
    Its also my favorite chinese restaurant. Food is always great and so is the service.?
  • Reviewed by:   on: 2009-08-11T00:00:00
    We had them deliver to us and the food was not good. The rice was so dry we couldn't eat it and the eggrolls were the smallest we had ever seen.?
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